Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yesterday I was watching this movie called "DRUMLINE". - its a really interesting movie to watch it you like music.

What is movie got to do with a christian youth blog you might ask? Hey, we're youth - can't you read. And we like to watch movies....

Anyway back to the point. Nope, i am not doing a movie review here. In the movie there's this line in their conversation "You'll need to know how listen before you can lead" - caught right straight into my mind.

Often we desire to be leader rather than the follower. With our friends, we want to be different. With our classmates, we want to be first. Often, we are challenging ourselves to be better and bolder. That's exactly a nature God has created us. When He first created Adam, He wanted him to lead the animals, He gave him authority over all the earth. So yeah, is in our nature.

But how often we lead correctly? We want to lead, but we're not listening to God's command. God also makes us a follower before we can even take the lead. Jesus listens and follow God's order - which makes Him a Good leader.

So are you listening now?

p.s. btw, go watch that movie. is nice.

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