Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yesterday I was watching this movie called "DRUMLINE". - its a really interesting movie to watch it you like music.

What is movie got to do with a christian youth blog you might ask? Hey, we're youth - can't you read. And we like to watch movies....

Anyway back to the point. Nope, i am not doing a movie review here. In the movie there's this line in their conversation "You'll need to know how listen before you can lead" - caught right straight into my mind.

Often we desire to be leader rather than the follower. With our friends, we want to be different. With our classmates, we want to be first. Often, we are challenging ourselves to be better and bolder. That's exactly a nature God has created us. When He first created Adam, He wanted him to lead the animals, He gave him authority over all the earth. So yeah, is in our nature.

But how often we lead correctly? We want to lead, but we're not listening to God's command. God also makes us a follower before we can even take the lead. Jesus listens and follow God's order - which makes Him a Good leader.

So are you listening now?

p.s. btw, go watch that movie. is nice.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Say you really mean it!

"These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
and honor Me with their lips, but their hearts is far from Me.
And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men."
[NKJV, Matt 15:8-9]

How that sound familiar to you. Just an overall generalisation; i guess pretty much of our friends whether or not christians or non it still sounds familiar to us. I confess sometimes my heart is far from Him.

With so much temptation, confusion, condemnation, pressure and everything a kid or an adult would face, its really difficult to just put our minds back on track. But DIFFICULTY is not an excuse to God. By hook or by crook, we have only one way which is Jesus the way, the truth and the life.

We can always say how much we love Him or how much we praise Him but our hearts are far from Him. "What's the point?" He will then ask.

"When He had called the multitude to Himself, He said to them, "Hear and understand: Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of our mouth, this defiles a man" [NKJV Matt 15:10-11] "But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man" [NKJV Matt 15:18]

To God, what speech you make, what praises you sing, it has to be from the heart.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last update was dated since February. *soooory that i've took such a loooong break* No excuse for that, i understand.

Well since it was such a time i've last updated, there's so many things going on which most of them i can't remember. Ofcourse you didn't want me to tell you grandmama story right??

Lets begin with:

We finally moved in to our new big church. The place is bigger, the toilets are bigger, the rooms are bigger, the stage our bigger... And guess what, we have our very own prayer well with cute little golden fishes inside plus a fountain flowing with water too.. *jealousnyer* Anyway, myf'ers from other churches, do drop by for a visit one day.

I guess we all know Da Rong left for Aussie on Feb 14 on a valentine's day. Well, he's taking his final sem right now and will back let say CHRISTMAS! (WE MISS YOU DA RONG *shouts*)

Next it was a major event in our new church. OUR NEW CHURCH'S FIRST WEDDING! *thumbsup* it was absolutely beautiful. And God has proven to work miracles. Whose wedding you might be asking! It's Marc & Vin Sie's lah. They were the first to book the church. hahaa^^
Boootiful aint it?
Next stop, we celebrated WeeKiat's farewell @ GOLD COAST! ahah.. Nope not Australia, is in Malaysia. The beach was nice la. Only the sea water its kinda scary. He's now off to Singapore to pursue his studies and sorry WeeKiat i forgot what college you're in already *shy*
Us with Wee Kiat at the Sepang Beach
Then we were so sad that Leslie need to leave for Aussie unexpectedly as well. (sounds exxagerating lah) He's in Melbourne doing internship and will only be back after 4 months. No worries, Mei Zhi, i'm sure Sarah and gang has lotsa plans to keep you busy. Our beloved Drummer!
Just last Saturday, Mei Zhi celebrated her 21st birthday and she has a huge party. haha. We have lotsa fun and we (MYF) played some crazy games. shouting and laughing and making my tummy ache. Her bday cake is soo extremely lovely. Mei Zhi's 21st!
Done for now. We love you all muacks! XOXO!
p.s. Mr Prez. I just updated the bloggy. hahahaa. (To check out more crazy pictures, just go facebook lah)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fellow brother and sisters.. I know it's been a long time since anything come out from this blog. But thanks to all your patience and preseverance of me who has been so super lazy to even think and take time to the Lord.

From this we know it's so important to stay connected eventhough we're all already sooo connected.. but there are some people out there might be browsing our blog.. *giggles* No worries, we have all the pretty and handsome children of God here.

I don't know where to start from the last i stop writing. So let's begin again....

It's 2009, a brand new year for a brand new start. Many people thinks that this year there's gonna be a change.. Yes, i'm starting to feel it to. Let's take our moving to new church as example. We'll we're not officially moved yet.. but we're getting excited about it already. God is preparing us.. *clapclap* Second, we have more members in our youth. *cheers* That's so great rite? Third, our beloved Da Rong has left for Aussie.. God bless him and we will remeber him in our prayers ok? (Don't forget us) - to Da Rong. *grins*

Anyway, we will be reviving our blog very soon. So God Bless Everyone, your family, your friends and your neighbours even your enemies.... Love you all lots :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is the day...

Many years ago (well not very long ago, bout 10-12years ago), when i was still a little girl, i love going to my aunt's place. There was this huge tree and so many colourful wrapped present under it. I know at that time it was a christmas tree and i know christmas is coming soon. My aunt then said to me, 'you get to hang the star on the top of tree'.. and i gave a big smile running towards the box and grab a silver shining star and try to reach the top. I jumped but i couldn't reach it, so then my aunt has to carry me and i hanged it there. I didn't know why i need to do that, all i know is that i just want to open my present lying under the tree. *smile* Then my aunt says, 'you'll need to wait until the 25th' and i said ok without knowing the story behind it. All i know is that i just want to see what's my present. Why i will have a present on that day, why is my aunt humming tunes and why does the tree needs to blink all the time... i never care to know or even asked about it. But i know is a day of happiness. Soon when i got a little older, the mood for Christmas is not the same anymore. I didn't get to hang the star , i didn't get any presents and the Christmas tree my aunt use to keep seems shorter and smaller. I asked my mother, why didn't i get any presents and why arent we celebrating it? Then my mom told me tha we don't celebrate it actually. Then i ask, who then can celebrate Christmas? My mom says only Christians get to celebrate it.
I could feel the environment is different. My aunt is not humming those tunes anymore. The presents are boxes wrapped with present papers. I never understand why. One year they celebrated it with turkeys and dinners, the other year with nothing at all. I ask my aunt why arent we having anymore dinners and why i don't get anymore presents. She told me the same thing my mom told me. She then ask me why are you so happy to celebrate Christmas? You don't celebrate one. I got a little confuse but i didn't care about it. Then my aunt brought me to a church at night because my mom was away and she has to baby-sit me. I was 14 by the way.
The church was filled with people and everyone has to double parked their cars. I didn't know why people are there late at night nearing to 11pm of the 24th. And then people gather and a man wearing a robe come talking and talking and talking. Then we sing songs that i don't know how to sing and then next thing i know i fall asleep and when i wake up everyone was walking out of the church. OK, i didn't know what's going on, i just know i feel very sleepy and i wanna go home. Then my aunt was hungry and brought me to a mamak nearby to eat. I saw some people were carrying party hats and mask with them and blowing whistle and laughing. It was so fun looking at them.
And then i heard my aunt says, i wonder why are they so happy, do they actually know what today is? All they know that it's a public holiday. And i looked at her thinking why can't they be happy? I thought we are suppose to be happy. I don't know why she says that but i went home and thought. And i don't when and how i got the idea that we shouldn't be happy on Christmas day because I heard of a story that a boy was born and also die. Hmm sounds really confusing. I didn't know what was that story about . i just got bit and pieces of it and then framed my own story.
Then i was in my young adult years... My friends asked me, 'where are you going for Christmas?' And i said why are you so happy? And she told me 'cause is public holiday and i know some pubs and bistro got like this sorta party and there's gonna be very fun because we get to scream all we can' And i was like 'oohkay, whatever la just go for a drink' . True enough, there were alot of people there. We waited for 15minutes to get a table and when we sat down the waiter gave us each a party pack and inside it were whistles and party mask. It was so fun to play with it and at 12am everyone shouted 'Merry Christmas'. I don't know how my friends got some snow spray from but i heard it was only sellin RM5 per bottle so he got a few back and we started spraying each other even to people unknown. It was fun.
Then i come up with my own theory. Christmas is for people who likes to party, and people who likes to go to church. I don't know why but that's what they do. And i know that everyone like Christmas day because is a public holiday.
Last year, i attempted something different. The same season come every year but the feeling was different . And last year was a year of my happiest moment because i finally know the truth. I know why i got presents when i was a kid; it was because of thanksgiving and love. It was a day where we share our joy with each other and making each other happy. Then i know why i my aunt was sad, because Jesus was born on that very special day but no one acknowledge Him and why there were Christmas in the first place.
Christmas is actually more than parties and celebration. It is ofcourse not just a public holiday every year. And ofcourse it is not about Santa Clauses and Elves and North Poles.
Its about Jesus who came and we are celebrating that He came to save us. It is about God, a merciful and loving God who brought His one and only son here on that day because of us; because He loves us. It is a day that the King is born. It is a day we should all shout rejoice.
Christmas is not just a day for Christians. It is for everyone. And everyone who lives in this world has the right to know about Christmas because Jesus came for us. Jesus came to save sinners like us. Jesus came because He loves us. He loves us very very very much and that's the reason why we are happy because God Loves Us.
Everyone has the right to celebrate Christmas.. But are you celebrating Christmas with the birthday boy???
So let me remind you and your friends out there. Tell them that Christmas is about Jesus and this is the season to tell the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord!
Is a day to show our love, compassion and kindness to others.
Don't just celebrate a season for the sake of celebrating it. Celebrate it with your heart and know the wonderful story behind the day of 25th of December.
So my fellow brothers and sisters out there. Don't just keep Christmas to yourselves; share it with your friends and family, tell them the truth and tell them the wonderful news that Jesus brought on this very day.
Jesus is coming back again!!! *Lets all rejoice* God Bless You All~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Spirit: Alpha Finale!

Youthalpha retweat!

Hey guys! Here's the program!

1pm, check in
2pm, lunch,
3pm, some ice breaker (sarah chew)
3.45pm worship (jeremy & rad)
4pm, holy spirit session 2 (alan yew)
5pm, card games time!!
7pm, dinner time!
8pm, night of games! (sarah & may)
8.45pm holy spirit filling session with worship
9.30pm, session 3, (Jeremy chew)
10.15pm do all you want time!
12pm, hopefully, sleeping time

8am, waking up time!
9am, breakfast
10am, packing up things,
11am, go for a swim!! (may’s place)
12pm, last session 4 (Jeremy chew)
1pm cleaning up time and lunch time
2pm buai buai!!

Guys! Things to bring!:
1. extra clothes,
2. toiletwies!
3. sleepin bag! Pillows and other ‘comfie stuff’
4. maybe some board games / cards
5. swimming clothes
6. some money to go out makan-makan

7. yourself
8. and the expectation to connect with God!





Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holy Spirit Lessons; (ALPHA FINALE)

How ya doin?
As the 2nd last month of 2008 is coming to an end, so is the YOUTH-ALPHA LESSONS!
So, ya guys are all invited to come this Tuesday to have a sleepover at church to Wednesday afternoon; and also to finish off our YOUTHALPHA LESSON with the topic: HOLY SPIRIT!
The activities would include games, swimmin at May's place, n lotz more..
And most importantly, to Learn more bout God and lettin God to be revealed in your lives!
The stayover would be at Church! from morning Tues 11am till Wed 3pm!!
So please do try ur best to make it ya!
If could / couldn't make it, please do SMS Jeremy @ 016-293 9271
Hope to see ya there! CIAOZ!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back to the Future Again

I know some of you haven't seen enough right from the first post. Yeah, i decided i shud upload more. The happenings in "those were the days" of MYF. Bring back some long lost memory.laughing out loud.

You see the girls now. All leng lui leng lui wan and with some new faces too.

See all the 92's pretty lerr. Guys see sure wanna go after them.hahaha. (Melody, JoEE, Esther, Juli)Well, 3-4 years ago.... top left:Juli,Melody,Joanne. bottom left: Esther, Mei Zhi, Sarah,Steph, Pei Wei, Radiance.
And the guys back then.. (WeeKiat, Benjamin, Jonathan, DaRong, Leslie, Jeremy and lying down Benny)
The guys are pretty much the same.. Still erm.. FUNNY!

The MYF'ers during those days. Now we know where we inherit our gila-ness and camwhore-ness. New members take a look... these are your seniors.LMAO. In case, you don't recognise who is who, i will tell you.LOL. (start from top left: DaRong, Sarah, Jessicca, Jeremy, Jonathan, Leslie and from bottom left, Melody, Radiance, Juli, WeeKiat, Benny, Elaine and Benjamin lying down there look cool with the shades)So, i guess you wanna know more of the 'those were the days' moments... The LAMENIZATION begins.... Well, in the website gallery where i steal the pictures from says is Parent's Day. Let me guess, Elaine the teacher, and Benny, Rad and DaRong the naughty kids. *winkwink*
OK, we look at the naughty primary kids, now take a look at the pre-schoolers. This is soo cute man. top left: Leslie, OMG Jessicca is tying a two ponytail, Jonathan hugging his favourite dolphin which is still around here today and WeeKiat showing off his math skills as usual. LOL.
You must be laughing until stomach ache rite? Don't worry. I know a doctor who can save you. Who??? Dr. DUNNO and gang for sure lah. top left: Juli with a scanner i think, Sarah will baby doll, Melody and Jeremy i think is her daddy, and last but not least, mr cool DR.Dunno Benjamin. See i told you Benjamin last time take picture supeer yeng wan. LOL. I believe the Kepong Wesley MYF'ers succeeded in passing on the lame-disease. hahaha. Why? Cos we are even lame-ner now adding on the technology of digital cameras. speechless. We are still carrying the 'myf signature hand pose' now. haha.

After all those years... MYF has been growing big and small, fun and funnier, crappy and crappier, and God has always been around us to bless each and everyone of us (the children of God) all happie happie happie with more new faces joining the gang.

Oh, ya one more thing..
Look at the RED shirt Jeremy is wearing. Remember it ok! Look closely lah, aiyoh~
4 years later..... He still wearing the same T shirt. But i think the size errm. Ok nevermind, i better not say anything. You know what i mean la. hahahah XD.

God bless Everyone and have a fun time browsing. *Muacks*
P.S: Jeremy you wanted updates and here it is. Happy? lalalala~ *with rolling eyes*

Back to the Future

HAHAHHA, here's an update you people sure love it. LMAO. While i was on the internet, guess what i found...??? Leslie give me the link of the old MYF website (i never know about its existence) and i caught some old faces there. OMG, you peeps are really really cute back then.
Ok, lets see the differences now...
First stop!
Chew Pei Wei.

Gosh, see from kiddish is her to how pretty is her now. Cute rite? *winkwink* She's only erm 13 back then and now she's 16.
Next, her best bud Melody Yew.
Not much difference though, only more sial now. hahha. LMAO
Oh, erm the next one is a couple. hahah. Well they warent really coupling yet back then, but now they are. Our MYF love story, we present Leslie and Mei Zhi (please don't come belasah me *sobsob*)
They look so much mature now. One leng chai, the other leng lui. *grins*

Owh, take a look at the other two 13 year old back then who are now 16 already
Chew Juli and Esther Lian

this was then.
this is now!

Up next, the two Samanthas' in the house.
Samantha Sia and Samantha LeongErm not so big difference only NOW even prettier than last time. *melt*
You peeps are gonna laugh at the next one. Why? Cos is Jonathan Ong.
He seems to be more posier last time compare to now la. Tak ada the camwhore skills already. And i never know Jonathan plays bass guitar until yesterday.LOL.

Wonder how does the girl who never runs out of laughing gas look like last time? Hahaha. Ok here is it. We present you, Radiance Yew who still carry her favourite qoute "Hai Orang" to "Hi People"
See her now? XD hahaha.
When you hear about W.kiat, you'll go, look how big is he. But did you know he has his small sides too.LOL.
Back then, he looks tiny. Now he looks scary.
Next, i think she never changes her face feature lah. Still look the same. But obviously she does grow bigger. Joanne Ong, the sister of Jonathan Ong.
Why does she still look the same. *jealousnya*
Chong Da Rong still look the same too. I think he still has that same blazer. Now he do still have that same blazer. LOL.

Then we move to Benny Sia and Stephanie Yap.

Now i know how steph look like last time. *grins* And yes i know why guys.

Next is the three most shocking people that make me laugh like mad infront of my lappy. I think my bro also think im crazy laughing. And i stil laughs at it now even though i see the pictures like duno how many times already. Cannot imagine!

Jeremy Chew. OK, we know he's rounder now.LMAO

And he still has that same hand pose. hahaha. *sweat* Improvise lah Jeremy Chew!

OK, you heard of like mother like daugther, but have you heard of like brother like sister? XD hahaha.

Here goes, Sarah Chew.

That's a very popular hand pose last time, well at least she improvise now. LOL.
And Lastly, you don't wanna miss it, another coming from the chew family,
Benjamin Chewback then he looks cool rite?

Happy Looking at them?
I got my resource from hahaha. Check them out! The old MYF website.

The next update, you people are gonna love it. LOL.
NOW im still editing some stuff and when i am done.
You patiently wait for the update la.
Mr Prez wanna me to update something cos i've abandoned this blog for so long.